What is MIG welding?

Release date:2019-05-21 10:09:02
What is MIG welding?

What is MIG welding?

Metal Inert Gas welding, more commonly known as MIG welding, arguably the most common form of welding in the industry today.


Originally when MIG welding was developed in the 1940s, it was thought of as too expensive to weld steel as the Inert gas was thought to be too costly, but it made it ideal to weld softer metals such as aluminium, however over the years the process evolved and developed until we are where we are today where most metals can be mig welded, metals such as stainless steel, cast, hardfacing and many more.


Mig welding is predominately done by a wire connected to a direct current source; this then acts as an electrode to weld metal together as the current is continuously passed through the welding gun, (also known as the mig torch). A flow of inert gas usually argon is also passed down the mig torch to protect and shield the weld pool against contaminants.


Mig welding can now be done in automatic and semi automatic process; it welds much faster than the original and traditional stick welding, hence making it extremely cost effective.

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